Calefa is a privately owned solution supplier focused on industrial waste heat recovery.

Mission – Calefa improves industrial processes by utilising waste heat

Our mission is to offer energy and cost saving solutions for industrial heating and cooling processes by utilising waste heat.

Vision – A pioneer and role model in waste heat recovery

We aim to position ourselves as the best experts in the industrial waste heat recovery and to become the leading player in the industry.

Strategic Cornerstones – Profitability, Expertise, Responsibility, Partnership, Wellbeing

Profitability – Our business is based on ability to increase our customer's profitability. Profitability is also vital for ourselves.

Expertise – Our success is based on superior expertise in our core technologies as well as understanding our customer's processes.

Responsibility – We take full responsibility for our solutions right from the beginning of the assessment phase until the end of the product lifecycle. We want to be your reliable partner with whom it is easy and straight forward to do business with.

Partnership – We do not try to do everything ourselves but instead work together with our strategic partners, who are the best experts on their own respective fields.

Wellbeing – Good customer service is always based on satisfied and motivated personnel. We invest in working atmosphere and team spirit.