Climate-Caring Energy Solutions

Yes – heat can be produced without combustion and
yes – this can be done with zero emissions and low cost.
Modular AmbiHeat® heat pump plants are changing the world.

Since 2013, Calefa has delivered about 200 energy systems which utilize waste heat or ambient energy. With these systems, by Dec. 2022 our customers have saved:

Saved money
Saved energy
0 MWh
Reduced emissions
0 kg CO2

Recycling energy brings impressive results to industrial companies

Industrial companies have huge potential to use excess heat in their own processes, in heating their properties, and by selling heat to the district heating networks.

For industrial companies, Calefa implements overall solutions that utilize industrial waste heat and ambient energy.

We carry out the systems as turnkey deliveries and always make sure that the system functions properly.

Our solutions ensure that our customers get remarkable energy savings by utilizing waste heat and ambient energy.

With the new system, the needed heating and cooling can be produced minimizing cost and CO2 emissions.

AmbiHeat heat pump plant makes it possible to utilize ambient energy sources in addition to industrial waste heat.

Retrofit solutions are designed for energy production, boosting production, and improving the conditions. They are tailored to fit the existing facilities.

Calmari heat exchanger recovers heat from dryers and transfers it to heat incoming air. E.g. in laundries, the need for purchased energy can be cut in half. 

AmbiHeat is a zero-emission heat pump plant using energy from the surroundings

Air - Geothermal - Waterbodies - Industrial waste heat - Solar

AmbiHeat® heat pump plant produces energy to the district heating network and industrial needs from local energy sources fully without CO2 emissions.

100% Finnish work, the heat pump plants are manufactured in factory conditions and then attached to the system on the site. 

There are eight standard sizes of the AmbiHeat® heat pump plants, in the power range 350 kW – 10 MW. AmbiHeat® is suited for the production of heating and cooling for large properties as well as for cities.

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Total solutions for recycling industrial waste heat: We will cut your need for purchased energy and your CO2 emissions. Permanently.

Retrofit - recycling systems for industrial waste heat

Improved profitability and lower emissions by recycling energy

We implement turnkey solutions for industrial companies, where waste heat from production processes is upgraded for reuse. At the same time, cooling is produced completely emission-free.

In addition to recycling energy, we are often able to boost production and/or improve working conditions. Industrial processes are part of our know-how.

Recycling energy is usually the most effective way for an industrial company to reduce its CO2 emissions. It is also very profitable. For the systems we have delivered, the return of investment (ROI) is typically between 20 and 100%.

Enormous savings and emission reductions

The energy recycling systems delivered by Calefa improve profitability while cutting CO2 emissions.

Savings & Reduction of emissions 2013-2022