The Kingspan factory is heated with waste heat instead of oil

No more oil heating for the Paroc Panel System factory in Parainen, southern Finland. The heating system of the insulation panel factory was changed completely, and the buildings are now heated with waste heat. Surplus heat is stored in geothermal wells and utilized during production breaks.

Taloudellisesti kannattava ja CO2-vapaa lämmöntuotanto on herättänyt valtavasti kiinnostusta myös emoyhtiössä, sillä vastaavanlaisia tehtaita Kingspanilla on maailmanlaajuisesti.

Economically profitable and emission-free heating is arousing interest also in the parent company. Kingspan has several similar factories all over the world. 

The Kingspan factory buildings in Parainen are heated with waste heat from production processes and with geothermal energy. The new heating system replaces entirely the previously used oil burners. 

The innovative system is the answer to the challenges the company had.

– We had been pondering for quite some time, how to get rid of oil heating. We had reviewed the possibility to utilize waste heat, but there seemed to be no way to get a reasonable payback time, and we still had to take care of heating during production breaks, when waste heat is not available, says Kimmo Tamminen, Head of Production at Kingspan.

With Calefa and their AmbiHeat system, a solution was found.  The annual CO2 emissions of the factory decrease by 300 000 kg. The energy cost decreases permanently; the annual savings are 100 000 euros. The recycled waste heat corresponds to heating 120 single-family houses in Finland. 

A smarter way to utilize waste heat

Waste heat is generated in the production processes of Paroc insulation panels. The excess heat is recovered and upgraded with heat pumps in an AmbiHeat heat pump plant. It is then used to heat the production facilities and offices. Surplus heat is stored in geothermal wells, from which it is used during colder seasons and production breaks.

– By storing energy the efficiency of the waste heat recycling system can be improved significantly. Although there are certain cycles in the production, the stored energy can be utilized whenever needed, says Petri Vuori, the CEO of Calefa. 

Kingspan has followed a sustainable development program Planet Passionate for ten years already. The target of the program is to minimize CO2 emissions. In the factory in Parainen, there are several projects going on, including investments in solar panels, led lighting, electrical forklifts, and cars.

– Recycling waste heat and energy storage is the biggest one in terms of effect and profitability, tells Kimmo Tamminen.

Parainen acts as an example to the world

With the AmbiHeat system, the heating of the Kingspan factory in Parainen becomes fully emission-free, while the energy costs are cut significantly. This effect would be in demand in other Kingspan factories globally as well.

-The system has aroused enormous interest in our parent company; they have similar factories all over the world, says Kimmo Tamminen.

The AmbiHeat heat pump plant by Calefa is delivered to the site as a ready-made module and connected to the heating system of the factory. The issue of overall responsibility of the system is also clear.

– The system comes as a turnkey delivery, and Calefa takes full responsibility for warranty issues.

The geothermal wells were drilled by Saariston Kaivonporaus Oy. There are altogether ten 300-meter wells.