We want energy consumption to be responsible, economical, and sensible.

For the solutions, turn to Calefa.

Calefa implements innovative turnkey solutions for the recycling of heat. Our systems aimed for are industrial companies, energy companies, and large properties 

Our offering includes a modular AmbiHeat heat pump plant, which utilizes ambient energy sources, and Retrofit systems to recycle waste heat.

Calefa’s model is a secure option for the customer
Bv certification n&b iso9001 14001

Our operations are ISO certified for quality and environment.

The ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates verify that the management system of the organization is according to standards. They also show that the company is committed to implementing the management system efficiently and to continuous improvement.

Both management systems have been certified by Bureau Veritas.

Awarded projects

Energy recycling systems by Calefa have received both national and international awards. 

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The story of Calefa

How can the industry improve its production, reduce its emissions, and permanently cut its energy expenditure, all at the same time?

Or, how can an energy company produce carbon-free energy without particulate emissions, utilizing ambient energy sources?

And, how to purchase the total system from one window, making sure that it works as planned.

It all started with a group of colleagues, who had figured out a solution for recycling industrial waste heat and utilizing ambient energy. In the beginning, we were a bunch of colleagues delivering industrial cooling systems, heat recovery systems, and ventilation.

We saw a clear problem in the market. When only pieces of equipment are delivered to the customers of the industrial and energy sector, nobody is in charge of the total package. Very often the result is, that as part of the whole, the machine does not perform as expected. The machine supplier might say that the equipment itself works flawlessly. The problem is somewhere else, but where? You get the same answer from everyone else: designer,  installer, operator…

When the project is delivered in pieces, no one takes charge of the total system; each party is responsible for their very narrow area of expertise. And there are a lot of grey areas in between, which belong to nobody. The customers end up in an impossible situation. They should have more expertise in the system than the deliverer. If no one takes responsibility for the total system and its functionality, disappointments are bound to occur. Mistrust and disappointments in energy investments lead to a situation, where investments are not made. We wanted to create a solution for this dilemma.

From the very beginning, technology development has been an important contributor to our success. This has paved our path to success. With our heat pump technology, we are able to utilize low-temperature energy sources as well as reach high temperatures of the produced heat.

calefacio (lat.) = to heat
calefacion (lat.) = heating


A total, well-functioning system

How to ensure, that the various pieces of equipment and the very complex system in the factory work as a whole?

How to make purchasing safe?

We developed the business idea where we take full responsibility that the total system works.

Calefa Oy was created in 2013 from this vision, by a group of colleagues who had been working together for years, at their own risk, with their own money.

More than the sum of its components

We implement heat pump systems based on waste heat and ambient energy as turnkey deliveries. At the same time, we take full responsibility that the system works as agreed.

Some companies have in vain tried to accomplish what we are doing. When founding the company, we analyzed carefully why they had failed. Our business idea is based on these analyzes.

In industrial and energy sectors the total systems are so complex, that they are more than a sum of their components. In this kind of delivery, you also need to know the process and its functionality. A supplier of total systems must have wide know-how and capability to carry risks. We carry out expert work, where personal relations and cooperation are the basis.

Potential heat sources and heat sinks as well as savings potential and investment need, are mapped in feasibility studies and need assessments. By thoroughly investigating the site, we can make sure that we deliver what we promise.

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Calefan Mikko Rantanen jätevedepuhdistamon valvomossa.

Huge potential in waste heat and ambient energy

There is enormous potential in the utilization of industrial waste heat and ambient energy. With a heat pump plant, various heat sources can be utilized in industrial processes, to heat the properties, and in district heating.

In the Calefa model, surplus energy is made to work over and over again instead of discarding it into air or water after its first use. Recycling energy improves the profitability and competitiveness of the company. The need to purchase energy is significantly reduced. The reduced need for purchased energy is shown in the bottom line. At the same time, CO2 emissions are cut. And best of all, these changes are permanent.

We want energy consumption to be responsible, economical, and sensible. Our total solutions recycle energy over and over again and improve the competitiveness of our customers.

In our opinion, the economy and environment don’t need to conflict. The proof stands in the over 150 projects we have already delivered.

A great place to work

Our core values lie in the people who work here. The work atmosphere and chemistry between people are crucial at Calefa. We are continuously trying to improve as a good workplace. Same rights, same obligations, we all value each other as unique individuals.

In a group of people with very different personalities, we work surprisingly well together. The core of everything is mutual respect and understanding, that we all have our own special areas of expertise, which are essential to success.

When creating the job descriptions, each individual’s wishes and capabilities are considered. Travelling does not suit everyone, while others may enjoy spending time at the customer interface. The combination of desk and practical work may appeal to someone. Taking into account the strengths and personal development of workers, we have been successful in getting their commitment. Employment relations at Calefa are typically long.

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Suomessa kehitetty energiankierrätysjärjestelmä on vastaus teollisuuden ympäristöystävällisyyteen etenkin globaalissa mittakaavassa. Rokiškio Sũris keväällä 2020.

Combination of know-how and latest technology

At Calefa, we have had a strong conviction that there is a market for clean energy production. Industrial companies and energy producers have to cut their emissions and cost. There is a clear need for sustainable and affordable heat.

With our solutions, the return of investment is typically by far superior to any other investments: 20 – 100%. We have delivered close to 200 projects to customers in the industrial and energy sector, with vast experience and the best possible technology. 

Our unconventional way of working is to implement total solutions as turnkey deliveries. Our innovative systems are a combination of know-how and state-of-the-art technology, a result of our own product development and not easily found elsewhere. Some examples of our patented innovations are the HotLevel high-temperature heat pumps, the modular AmbiHeat heat pump plant, and Calmari, effective heat exchanger systems for improving the energy efficiency of laundrymats.