Better profitability, better for the environment

Total solutions for recycling industrial waste heat:
We will cut your need for purchased energy and your CO2 emissions.

Positive impacts by recycling waste heat

Waste heat is worth money. The industrial sector has enormous potential to improve their energy self-sufficiency by i.e. utilizing waste heat in their production processes, heating their properties, or selling heat to district heating networks. 

Jätevedenpuhdistamon lietetorni sekä muut puhdistamon rakennukset lämpiävät hukkalämmöllä.

Reducing emissions. The energy produced with a non-combustion technology is CO2 emission-free. Recycling heat decreases the need for purchased energy.  The CO2 emissions of our customers are reduced considerably.

Calefan Mikko Rantanen jätevedepuhdistamon valvomossa.

Maintained performance with reduced cost.  Although energy is still used, it needs to be purchased less. Utilizing waste heat is energy self-sufficiency, which is also very profitable.

MSK Plast: Nopeampi läpimenoaika ja vähemmän hävikkiä. Tuotannon tehostuminen on Calefan toimittaman järjestelmän mukana tuleva lisähyöty.

Boosting production processes, improving working conditions. Draught-free production facilities, better indoor air, faster lead times, less scrap… Our energy systems often have many positive effects on production conditions.

Taloudellisesti kannattava ja CO2-vapaa lämmöntuotanto on herättänyt valtavasti kiinnostusta myös emoyhtiössä, sillä vastaavanlaisia tehtaita Kingspanilla on maailmanlaajuisesti.

No risk - we take full responsibility

We only implement total solutions, in which we take responsibility for the whole project: from initial assessment to feasibility and savings calculations, design and plans, the implemented system, and aftercare.

1. Potential

We assess the potential for waste heat utilization on the site. We discover the sources of waste heat and where it could be made to use. We calculate the feasibility of the system: the energy savings and payback time.

2. Other benefits

Could we improve the production or working conditions while we implement the energy system? In many cases we can. Our know-how covers quite a few production processes; maybe we can help you as well.

3. Recommended steps forward

We only recommend implementation if our calculations prove it to be profitable to the customer. In practice this means that the payback time of the system is 1 – 5 years.

Calefa’s model is a secure option for the customer

The Calefa way of working is safe for the customer. There are no grey areas and the responsibility is clear. Calefa takes care of everything – easy and simple!

Financing | Instead of direct investment it is possible to get the waste heat recovery system totally cash-flow positively with a leasing contract.  


5 reasons why recycling energy pays off

  1. Smaller energy bill, as the need for purchased energy is permanently reduced.

  2. Lower CO2 emissions, when new energy does not need to be produced by combustion.

  3. Short payback time. The payback time for our systems is typically 1 – 5 years, which gives the ROI of 20 – 100%.

  4. Better financial result, as variable costs decrease.

  5. Be part of an ecosystem. There may be enough heat to sell.

Let's design a waste heat recycling system
for your needs

The carbon-neutral future
is made through actions.

A turnkey solution is safe and carefree. You can get all answers to your questions related to the systems from one place, clearly and with expertise.

Ask us to assess which solution would be the best for you.

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A Retrofit system is adapted to existing or new facilities as needed.