Carbon-free energy with AmbiHeat heat pump plants and Retrofit systems for industrial waste heat recycling. 

Since 2013, Calefa has delivered about 200 energy systems which utilize waste heat or ambient energy. With these systems, by Dec. 2022 our customers have saved:

Saved money
Saved energy
0 MWh
Reduced emissions
0 kg CO2

Boosting process cooling and utilizing waste heat

Kiilto started to utilize waste heat for the heating of their more than three-hectare factory facilities and hot water in Lempäälä, Finland.  Kiilto produces…

Emission-free heating and cooling for a pharmaceutical factory

The buildings at the four-hectare factory site of Orion in Turku are heated with an emission-free AmbiHeat®  heat pump plant, which utilizes production waste…

Heat pump plant for producing district heating

    A heat recovery plant utilizes waste heat from the Yandex data center and recycles the heat to the district heating network. The…