AmbiHeat® is a zero-emission heat pump plant utilizing local sources of energy

Air – Geothermal – Waterbodies – Industrial waste heat – Solar

Transfer energy production to non-combustion

The modular AmbiHeat® heat pump plant produces energy to district heating networks and industrial needs from ambient energy sources, completely without carbon emissions. The all-inclusive plant is delivered to the site as a ready-made unit. 

Energiatuotannon tulevaisuus. Orion korvaa kaksi kolmannesta nykyisestä kaukolämmön kulutuksesta hiilidioksidivapaalla ratkaisulla.

From large properties to municipalities

There are eight standard sizes of modular heating plants, from 350 kW to 10 MW. AmbiHeat produces heat locally, from the energy sources of the surroundings.

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Affordable energy with leading technology

AmbiHeat® is based on cutting-edge heat pump technology. It can produce high temperatures, even fit for district heating, from low-temperature sources with very good efficiency.

Ei melusaastetta, ei pienhiukkaspäästöjä. Tämän lämpölaitoksen voi huoletta sijoittaa vaikka kaupungin keskelle.

Place it where you want

The heat pump plant can easily be placed in the middle of a residential or industrial area. The plant doesn’t cause noise pollution or ultrafine particles into the surroundings.

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Cooling in addition to heating

Thanks to the heat pump technology, AmbiHeat® can also produce cooling in addition to heating. This can be utilized in district cooling networks or process cooling.

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100% Finnish

AmbiHeat® heat pump plants are 100% manufactured and tested in Finland in our own factory. They will be designed and delivered as turnkey solutions, according to your needs.

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Factory-built, modular solution

Do you need cooling, is there a need for discarding heat, which sources of heat are available?

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Comprehensive lifecycle services

As a total supplier Calefa is available for the entire lifetime of the plant. Remote monitoring and lifecycle services ensure the carefree operation of the plant.

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Utilize one or more heat sources

Outdoor air, heat from waterbodies, geothermal, solar, industrial waste heat. Which sources of excess energy are available to you?

AmbiHeat® is a sensible way to turn energy production fully carbon-free.

EHPA hiilivapaa teollisuus -palkinto 2021


European Heat Pump Association has awarded the AmbiHeat concept and the project at Orion pharmaceutical factory in the DecarbIndustry category.

Let's design a heat pump plant for your needs

The carbon-neutral future is made through actions.

You can get all answers to your questions about AmbiHeat® heat pump plants from one place, clearly and with expertise.

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The AmbiHeat® heat pump plant as a turnkey solution is a carefree choice.