HotLevel® high-temperature heat pump revolutionized energy production.

The heat pump produces up to +130°C temperatures with good efficiency, even from low-temperature sources.

A tool for carbon neutrality

With its world-class technology, the HotLevel® high-temperature heat pump produces affordable heat to district heating networks and industrial needs. HotLevel® is the core of the AmbiHeat® heat pump plant.


  • Heating power 100…1000 kW
  • Heat source +20…+90°C
  • Produced heat +90…+130°C
  • Good controllability
  • High COP, 3-7
  • Customer-friendly automation system, possibility to connect to various interfaces
  • Excellent reliability
  • Manufactured and tested in factory conditions


The COP of the high-temperature heat pump

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The world is investing in heat pumps

Everybody is talking about sustainability, as society is keen to find ways to reach the EU targets for CO2 emissions.

Several studies show that the utilization of waste heat is an essential way to improve energy efficiency and reduce global CO2 emissions. Until recently, there have been limitations due to the relatively low temperatures of waste heat. However, with advanced technologies, the potential of industrial excess heat has become significant.

New high-temperature heat pumps can produce temperatures of over 100°C with good efficiency. They are expected to revolutionize the production of heat production from low-temperature heat sources.

The basic principle is that when excess heat is recycled, the need for purchased energy decreases. Good sources of waste heat can be found in any industry with high energy consumption.

If waste heat cannot be used in the production processes or property heating, it is recommended to sell it to the local district heating networks.

For commercial heat pumps the limit of produced temperature used to be around 70°C. This meant that for district heating, the temperature had to be boosted by combustion, often using fossil fuels. However, in recent years, there has been a breakthrough in the development of high-temperature heat pumps.

The Finnish company Calefa introduced the first commercial high-temperature heat pump, capable of producing temperatures of up to 130°C with high efficiency. 

“The temperatures we can produce, are suitable for district heating and many industrial processes as primary energy”, Petri Vuori, the CEO of Calefa explains.

“Reviewing different industrial companies, we have seen a lot of low-temperature heat sources. At the same time, there is a high demand for high temperatures and also for cooling. These different pieces of the puzzle can be fit together with the latest heat pump technology.”

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Industry consumes 46% of all energy in Finland. It makes sense to utilize industrial waste heat especially in heating.


“We are actively developing the technology further. There are not many producers in the market, who are able to produce such high temperatures”, says Petri Vuori.

For manufacturing companies, the payback time of an investment is often a key factor in the decision-making. “For our systems, the payback time is typically between 2 and 5 years, which is still quite reasonable”, Petri Vuori points out.

Calefa implements total heat pump systems as turnkey deliveries either as tailored Retrofit systems or as modular AmbiHeat heat pump plants. The main target is to deliver a secure and reliable system, especially important to industrial customers.

“We build systems, which function as optimally as possible and take care of both heating and cooling needs”, Vuori summarizes.