Emission-free heating and cooling for a pharmaceutical factory

The buildings at the four-hectare factory site of Orion in Turku are heated with an emission-free AmbiHeat®  heat pump plant, which utilizes production waste heat and ambient energy from the outdoor air. 

The heat pump plant produces cooling for the production process at Orion. The recovered waste heat is further utilized in the heating systems of the factory facilities. If there is not enough waste heat, the rest is produced from the outdoor air.

Energy self-sufficiency cuts cost

The total solution delivered by Calefa has a major impact on the energy self-sufficiency of the factory. AmbiHeat® replaces 67%  of the consumption of district heating, which reduces the need for purchased energy significantly. 

 The annual CO2 emissions are cut by about 1000 tons. The saved energy would be enough to heat about 850 single-family houses in Finland. 

Awards, AmbiHeat
This is how the emission-free industry is implemented profitably at Orion factory in Turku. The Finnish pharmaceutical company is showing the world how it’s done.